How to say I love you, the High-tech Way?
How to say I love you, the High-tech Way?
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For the young couple, the long-term couple or newlyweds, showing that special someone how much you love them can sometimes be overwhelming to get creative if you've been together for a long time, or intimidating if it's early in the courtship. Nevertheless, not recognizing significant occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine's Day can put you in the doghouse or 'dig your relationship into an early grave'.

Forget dinner at a fancy restaurant, jewelry, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates; they've been staple gifts far too long. It's time to shake things up!

Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect gift to spruce up that romantic night.

Lens Bracelets

Want to get her something romantic, but it is a tad bit too early for jewelry Provided she has the faintest interest in photography, you're in luck. These lens focus replica bracelets let you choose the focal length (from 50mm prime or 24-74mm) that best suits your lady. On top of that, they are one size fits all.

Price: US$10 for one or US$15 for both

Flip MinoHD

Most girls love sharing media on Facebook so why don't you get her a new sleek, shiny Flip MinoHD camcorder. This HD camera provides users with a simple way to capture and share HD video and she will look very stylish shooting the videos to boot. With its large high-resolution display, the Flip provides about to two hours of recording time and can be easily connected directly to a HD TV with an HDMI cable.

Price: US$230



Set the mood with EOS

Set the mood with a wireless whole-house music system. You'll be able to stream songs from your iPod, computer or home stereo system to portable speakers.

The Converge system from Eos, for example, can broadcast music up to 150 feet away from the source. With Apple's free remote app, you can search for and summon music from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Price: US$250


It is one of the most sought after piece of technology on the market today and is quickly becoming a must-have for technology enthusiasts. The price is high, but this is a gift that keeps on giving; sharing is caring and in the end it will be like buying an iPad for yourself too.

Price: Starts at US$500

Novero the Victoria Collection

Novero is a tech company that specializes in high-tech accessories such as bluetooth headsets, smartphone stands and unique pieces of jewelry. This adorable specialty piece is a pearl necklace with a pendant and what is even better it actually hides an earpiece and works as a bluetooth device. The Victoria collection includes Victoria Lapis, Victoria Perals, Victoria Stripes, Victoria Wave, and Victor, which will each retail for around US$250 to $350.

And for those with real money to burn, they also offer the Premier Edition handmade pearl necklaces with several variations of pearls, diamonds and gold. These necklaces will set you back around six figures at $100K plus.

Price: US$250 to US$110,500

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