How to Free Up Disk Space
How to Free Up Disk Space
  • Ryan Schuster
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As we move into the Information Age each of us becomes a part of this new high-tech utopia. We master different areas of computing in order to succeed at our job, but to climb that ladder to success we need to make sure our computer is operating without any hiccups.

Our bodies are under constant attack from the environment and by the things we eat. Cleansing various parts of our body, such as the liver, colon and blood helps us to improve and maintain our overall health giving us a life of happiness and vitality.

There is an old health adage that says, "You are what you eat!" The same holds true when it comes to caring for our computer. Just like our body, it is never too late to start cleaning our computer of unwanted files and folders, registry and memory. Certain programs leave temporary files behind and over time our computer will get clogged with these files. Removing temporary files is a quick and easy task that will not only free up space on our hard-drive and keep our PC clean of unnecessary file clutter but also improve its performance and longevity. Without further adieu, here is how to make sure unused files do not take up space on your PC

Step one

Click on Start, select the All Programs and choose Accessories then System Tools from the list of options.

Step two

From System Tools select Disk Cleanup. Once clicked it will identify the files it thinks you can delete and at the bottom it will give you a description of what each category means. Plus, it will show you how much hard-drive space you can gain from deleting the files.

Step three

From the list, uncheck the boxes to ensure Temporary Internet Files is selected. Once you are satisfied Click OK.


Optionally, you can do the same task manually, to delete the files in the 'temp folder'.

Step one

Click on Start and then Run (if your operating system is XP). In the text box in the Run window, type '%temp%' and click OK. A folder full of files and other folders will appear. If you are you using Vista or Windows 7 click on Start and in the search box type '%temp%' then press return.

Step two

You'll be presented with a list of files and folders that are stored in the temp folder. To delete them all, click on the first item, then hold down the Shift key and scroll to the bottom, clicking on the last item. Then press delete and the files will be removed. If you want to delete only certain files or folders, press Ctrl and then click the one you want removed.

Step three

You'll be asked to confirm you want to delete the files. Press yes and then the files will be removed. At this point it is worth noting, if you receive an Error Deleting File or Folder (Windows is unable to delete files) message while the files are being deleted. This just means that one of the files is being used by a program right now. Simply, close all open programs, and repeat the steps above. If the message still persists, try restarting your computer and repeat the process.

Step four

After all of the files have been deleted you can close the window and empty your Recycle Bin, permanently removing the files from your PC.

This is just one of the many ways to make sure your computer is free of unnecessary files and folders that are eating up space on your computer. You can also use other tools to remove temporary files on your computer. There are plenty of third-party utility programs to further keep your PC fined-tuned and free of hiccups.

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