A New Sensation in Mobile Devices - Enjoy Stereoscopic 3D.
A New Sensation in Mobile Devices - Enjoy Stereoscopic 3D.
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People are no longer entertained merely by 2D devices, and are clamoring for the expansion of the 3D market.

Colors, graphics, volume and dynamics that make you feel as if the image is alive must be utilized to give the user a taste of real entertainment. The world's first stereoscopic 3D conversion software for mobile devices will be on display at this Korea Electronics Show.

It is the NXSC301 3D Chip. A software conversion program that converts 3D games from regular graphics to stereoscopic 3D games will also be exhibited which yields stereoscopic 3D games by connecting to a 3DTV.

Projects are currently under way for this product with major domestic and global mobile device manufacturers. Nexus Chips Co., Ltd. is the world's first stereoscopic 3D chip supplier that manufactures and develops stereoscopic 3D chips for use with mobile devices and stereoscopic 3D related software, and they are on their way to create products that can be applied to the mass production of phones in both domestic and global markets.





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