Global Software Contest Unleashed
Global Software Contest Unleashed
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SEOUL, KOREA — IPAK or IT Professional Association in Korea ( has begun accepting entries (Deadline is on August 31) for the “24th Global Software Contest.” Those who are interested should visit its website ( to download application forms and development summary forms. Once the required forms are filled out, they can be submitted online ( or through mail (address: 342-19, Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Ku, Seoul, Korea #121-837).


Under the catchphrase, “Global software stars who can change the world is you,” the 24rd Global Software Contest aimed at discovering and awarding creative software, yet to be distributed in the market, is open to anyone, whether individuals or companies. The competition is divided into the following award categories: Application Software, Mobile Apps, Game, Embedded Software, Security and Business Project, a category newly created this year to pick the best software capable of resolving tasks commissioned by the two corporate sponsors, Microsoft and SK Planet. Windows 8 tablets will be rented out in a first come first served manner to help entrants carry out Microsoft’s tough challenges.

The evaluation process consists of paper-based assessments, TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association) tests, category-specific evaluations, comprehensive evaluations through software demonstrations, and others. The major evaluation criteria include originality, practicability, development technology, technological perfection, degree of difficulty, rationality, contributions to actual work, exportability, and many more.

 Thirty-four awards are up for grabs which include Korean Presidential Award, Prime Minister Award and Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea (MKE). Dr. Sung-kap Cho, IPAK Chairman, conveyed, “Since software is a high value–added segment of the IT industry, we will make an all-out effort to discover excellent software talent through this authoritative software contest.” 

Backed by the world’s biggest names in the IT industry, it is fair to say that the Global Software Contest reigns supreme among all Korean IT contests. Through the competitions tough elimination process, entries will be narrowed down to 34 finalists, who will be awarded on November 26 celebrating Software Industry Day. Cash awards are waiting especially for the student recipient of the Korean Presidential Award who will be receiving KRW 5 million. Awardee for the Microsoft Award will enjoy various perks such as the automatic advancement into the third round of the country-specific preliminary competition for “Imagine Cup” (The world’s premier student technology competition hosted by Microsoft) and job offers from gaming companies or game publishing contracts (For the winners in the Game category). Furthermore, PR support from game magazines, free student booths and special discounts on general booths at Korea Electronics Show (KES) and additional points to be added in the Public Procurement Service’s (PPS)’s contractor selection are in the wings. On top of that, the winners will be given extra points when they apply for jobs at multinational companies such as LG Electronics. 

However, if the management suspects copyright infringement or copycatism, or discovers recognition of the entry in another software contest, it will be eliminated and disqualified even after being awarded a final winner. Team entries are limited to five members. It is to be noted that awards will be given to the team and not to individual members.

The Global Software Contest, Korea’s longest-running, most prestigious software competition taking pride in presenting the Korean Presidential Award, Prime Minister Award and MKE Award, is hosted annually by the MKE and organized by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and IPAK.

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