Peugeot to Unveil Its Citroën DS Series at Seoul Motor Show 2013
Peugeot to Unveil Its Citroën DS Series at Seoul Motor Show 2013
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SEOUL, KOREA - Here's what Peugeot will unveil its Citroën DS Series at Seoul Motor Show 2013.


Citroën DS3 signals the splashy revival of DS known to be the ‘the most beautiful automobile of the 20th century’ and announces the start of French premium DS line-up. DS3 is a luxury hatchback with creative appearance carved by the innate uniqueness of Citroën, with the touch of French design elements, such as the floating roof and shark fin. From the conception, the hearts of DS3 (two diesel engines, 90hp 1.6 HDi and 110hp 1.6HDi, three gasoline engines, 150hp THP, 120hp VTi and 95hp VTi) reflected a meticulous focus on eco-friendliness, and all of them satisfy the Euro 5 emission standard. DS3 also comes with efficient and enduring Electronic Gearbox System (EGS) one can find in Italian supercars.

Citroën DS3

DS3 Racing

The high-performance sports hatchback, DS3 Racing, is the pinnacle of Citroën’s driving know-how accumulated over years of participation in World Rally Championship.

DS3 Racing comes with 1.6 liter THP turbo gasoline direct injection engine (maximum horsepower of 200hp at 5,800rpm and maximum torque of 28kg*m at 1,700rpm). The interior and exterior designs of DS3 Racing are rich with racing-inspired elements. Carbon front bumper and side moldings present a strong but sophisticated feel, and orange roof and black body add unique attractiveness. Only 1,000 DS3 Racings are available throughout the world, and in Asia, only five of them are available only in Korea.

DS3 Racing

DS3 Cabrio  

Introduced at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, DS3 Cabrio is a French Premium DS3 with a soft-top convertible roof. The roof was engineered so that it can be opened or closed while running at the speed up to 120 km/h, and it can be opened in three stages of half-top-open, full-top-open and complete-open. DS3 Cabrio with a 245 liter trunk comes in almost the same size as DS3, making it the only one in its class to seat five persons.

DS3 Cabrio


DS4, the second model in DS line-up, had not only been selected as the no. 1 choice of more than 60,000 netizens from 62 countries for ‘the most beautiful automobile in the world’ category in 2011, but also won ‘the world’s most beautiful interior award’ by the automobile experts. DS4 is a cross-over automobile with unique and innovative style that combines swiftness of a coupe, grace of a sedan and space and convenience of an SUV. DS4 is equipped with cutting-edge features to provide its drivers with the maximum driving support, such as blind spot monitoring system, directional bi-xenon headlamp, static cornering light and parking space detection system. The 1.6 diesel engine powers DS4 with its powerful performance of 27.5kg*m torque at only 1,750rpm. The optimum platform setting by Citroën warrants a high-speed, dynamic driving response.

Citroën DS4


DS5 is the flagship model of Citroën chosen by the Mr. Francois Hollande, the current President of France for his official vehicle. The soft and refined bodyline of DS5 combines the styles of a sedan and a coupe to present proportions and silhouette evident from a distance. Its luxury peaks with the interior features including, but not limited to, heavily aviation-inspired interior, premium Havana leather seats 3-piece type zenith glass roof. A 2.0 HDi in-line four diesel engine (maximum horsepower of 163hp at 3,750rpm and maximum torque of 34.6kg*m at 3,750rpm) provides DS5 with an ample acceleration on highways and even stronger performance on the city streets, because the maximum torque is achieved in the rpm range of normal city street driving.

Citroën DS5

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