Demonstrating “Gateway to New Technology” of Automotive Industry: Hyundai Mobis
Demonstrating “Gateway to New Technology” of Automotive Industry: Hyundai Mobis
  • Kim Dae-yong
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SEOUL, KOREA - From March 28 through April 7, Hyundai Mobis will be participating in Seoul Motor Show 2013, held at Korea International Exhibition Center in KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea, showing off its new automotive technologies.  At the motor show, themed “With Nature, For the People”, Hyundai Mobis plans to illustrate its identity of bridging the gap between the technology and humans under its own overall frame of “Gateway to New Technology”.  As the biggest exhibitor in terms of the size of 504 m2, the exhibit will be designed under three sub-themes of “New Automotive Technology,” “Green Technology,” and “Status of Hyundai Mobis,” and divided into four main sections of “Driving Innovation,” “Driving Technology,” “Green Driving,” and “Human Driving” to exhibit main components of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) and safety technology, such as Land Departure Warning System (LDWS), Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Around View Mirror (AVM), and others.

Driving Innovation: Technology at a Glance

This section provides the audience real experience of Hyundai Mobis’s state of the art technologies by displaying cut-off parts of K9 and with 11 tablets connected, which will explain the relationship of technology and the car. The participants will able to recognize the method of windshield airbags, active seat belt or other similar safety equipment through those tablets, so that they can fully understand the importance and the function of those features.

Driving Technology: Understanding of the Find Arts of Components

This section shows the functions and structure of automobile parts.  Many people simply see a car as a whole, but fail to acknowledge that it is a delicate integration of small parts.  To help drivers understand this concept, Hyundai Mobis wants to unfold each function and structure of the state of the art components, such as Electric Stability Control (ESC) and Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS), by taking apart these components and exhibiting them by their own.

As a leading lamp component company in Korea, Hyundai Mobis has successfully developed Active Intelligent Lighting System (AILS) last January and is planning to set up Lighting Simulation System and novel optical/reflectance surface modules for the audience to confirm the advanced optical technology of Hyundai Mobis.

Green Driving: Potential of Green Cars for Next Generation

The main components of FCEV will be displayed in this section.  Unlike electric car that uses charged electric energy, FCEV stores hydrogen to produce electricity by itself, potentially surpassing the electric cars as the ultimate future green car for next generation.

To explain FCEV, Hyundai Mobis devised a scheme to exhibit Low Voltage DC-DC Converter (LDC), inverter, motor, Fuel Processing System (FPS), and battery pack, all of which are major parts of FCEV.  Through years of R&D on green cars, these major components have become the proud fruit of Hyundai Mobis’s advanced technology, and its world’s first mass production of those components has attracted major attention around the globe.

Human Driving: My Car with Unique Personality

This section is expected to bring the best of drivers with personalities by exhibiting Genesis and Grand Starex, two of the best cars for customization, with special events.  The audience will be able to see and experience different types of tuning components, such as body kits, wheels, and pedals as well safety technologies, such as Land Departure Warning System (LDWS), Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Around View Mirror (AVM), and others.

Hyundai Mobis will additionally have event zone, where quiz shows and special performance will be held, and engineering class session will be organized during the weekend for children to learn basic scientific technology.

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