Hyundai Mobis - Gateway to New Technology
Hyundai Mobis - Gateway to New Technology
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ILSAN, KOREA - Jang Yoonkyung, Vice President of Hyundai Mobis, spoke with Korea IT Times about its eco-friendly technologies and what consumers can expect from Hyundai Mobis at the Seoul Motor Show 2013.

Could you tell us about Hyundai Mobis’s theme “Gateway to New Technology”

Hyundai Mobis’s ultimate vision is to promote safety and lead environmental protection efforts by developing forward-looking, cutting-edge auto parts technologies. At the Seoul Motor Show 2013, Hyundai Mobis has set “Gateway to New Technology” as its theme to underline its identity as a global auto parts maker that has strived to develop human-oriented technologies.

To that end, the Hyundai Mobis pavilion is divided into four main sections - Driving Innovation, Driving Technology, Green Driving and Human Driving - to showcase the key parts of hydro fuel cell electric vehicles and other green, intelligent auto technologies such as Land Departure Warning System (LDWS), Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Around View Monitor (AVM).

Jang YoonKyung, Vice President of Hyundai Mobis

Could you tell us about Hyundai Mobis’s eco-friendly technologies

Since Hyundai Mobis launched into the eco-friendly auto parts business back in 2008, we have gone into overdrive to build up our R&D and production infrastructures. As a result, we succeeded in the mass-production of the key parts of hybrids and EVs (e.g. EV drive motors and power electronic parts). In just five years, we have become the world’s first auto parts manufacturer that churns out the key components of hydro fuel cell EVs (FCEV), a feat that proves Hyundai Mobis’s green technology is undeniably world-class now.

In line with growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, Hyundai Mobis this year completed the construction of a plant solely dedicated to EVs in Chungju Enterprise City (Nexpolis). The plant has recently gone into operation. This EV parts plant in Chungju will further spur on Hyundai Mobis’s pushes for better quality and a wider product line-up.

Could you tell us about your attention-worthy exhibits at Seoul Motor Show 2013

At Seoul Motor Show 2013, Hyundai Mobis showcases the key parts of hydro FCEVs that we have developed and mass-produced for the first time in the world. A variety of auto parts have been on display including high-volume, high-speed electric motors for hydro FCEVs, hydrogen supply devices (which control a hydro fuel supply and recirculate hydrogen to ensure nearly 100% fuel efficiency), and diverse power electronic parts designed for power conversion and supply for hydro FCEVs, which require a sustainable power supply because the share of Electric/Electronic Sub-Assemblies (ESA) in a hydro FCEV is twice larger than that in a general vehicle.

In addition, visitors to Seoul Motor Show can experience the IT-based convergence of vehicles and new technologies. For instance, AILS (Active Intelligent Lighting System) is our next-generation intelligent head lamp technology that automatically adjusts the angle and volume of head lights in sync with the car’s navigation system. And the Around View Monitor (AVM), a technology obtained by grafting video sensor technology onto auto technology, and the PGS (Parking Guide System) will also mirror Hyundai Mobis’s endeavors to create new values through technological convergence.

To help motor show visitors have a better understanding of our state-of-the-art auto parts, we have put a bisected Kia K9 on display to reveal the innards of the K9, which is heavily equipped with our advanced technologies. Eleven tablets installed inside of the bisected K9 will help visitors easily understand how each auto component works and what they actually do.

What are Hyundai Mobis’s 2013 plans

Our management team agrees that reinforcing our fundamental competences will bring the best innovation to us in a situation where the global auto industry gets so competitive. Therefore, Hyundai Mobis has designated 2013 the year of “preemptive crisis management and reinforcement of future growth engines through sound management.” And we have thrashed out our three management policies: reinforcing the key values of future growth, realizing customer value and building a global management system.

Accordingly, Hyundai Mobis will put in place quality control from the R&D stage and improve quality control processes in all stages from production to logistics. In particular, as for production plants, we will apply overseas subsidiary localization standards to set up a system whereby our overseas plants can roll out products of equal quality.

Furthermore, we plan to independently develop additional technologies – for example, key parts like cutting-edge brake systems, lamps and air bags and Electrical and Electronic sub-assemblies (ESA) such as multimedia, mechatronics and ADAS. Above all, in the R&D sector, Hyundai Mobis looks to focus on the development of unprecedented technologies and independent models in order to preemptively respond to the market.

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