Ssangyong Reveals LIV-1 Premium SUV Concept
Ssangyong Reveals LIV-1 Premium SUV Concept
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ILSAN, KOREA - Ssangyong Motor revealed the LIV-1, a large-sized SUV concept car, presenting the present and future of the premium line-up of Ssangyong Motor, at the Seoul Motor Show 2013.

LIV-1 (Limitless Interface Vehicle) is a large-sized premium SUV concept vehicle. The LIV-1 shows off the authentic beauty of an SUV based on “Dignified Motion,” whose motive comes from its design philosophy “Nature-born 3Motion” based on the grandeur of the nature.

Daniel Shin, Senior Executive Director of Ssangyong Motor Company

LIV-1 is built on a highly durable frame body and is equipped with an interface that allows for active communication. Through its robust aesthetics, it also competes with a strong “SUV look” thanks to its dynamic and sensual styling.

In particular, just as the naming suggests the LIV-1 offers “limitless potential” and “limitless joy” by allowing customers to configure an optimal interface tailored to meet their own tastes and maximizes their joy while driving the so-called “car of the future.”

Its interior design gives a futuristic, comfortable and luxurious image by organically combining dynamic lines with the concept of flexibility. In addition, diverse state-of-the-art IT features have been included to provide a brand new, creative and premium space for passengers.

Through the “3S-Cube,” a key future technology of Ssangyong Motor, it also establishes a two-way communication system. The “3C-Cube” consists of three features -- Smart Link, Safe Way and Special Sense -- through which a driver can remotely control a vehicle by synchronizing it with his or her smart device. Seamless entertainment is also possible both inside and outside the car.

Ssangyong Rexton

Ssangyong Motor also unveiled the Rexton W model at the Seoul Motor Show 2013. “Rexon W was designed based on the idea that Ssanyong Motor, as an SUV pioneer in Korea, should attempt to resurrect the traditionalism of the SUV, which today seems to be devoid of its masculinity, the original concept,” said Daniel Shin, Senior Executive Director of Ssangyong Motor Company.

Its engine has developed to deliver maximum torque (190Nm) within the 1,500~2,800rpm range, where the engine runs most of time. The best overall driving performance is provided over a wide range of driving conditions including congested city traffic, winding roads and steep mountain roads. Fuel efficiency has also been improved 14% over other engine models.

Its Electronic Stability Program  monitors road conditions and vehicular status constantly, adjusting engine output and breaking whenever the driver is about to lose control. Rexton is also equipped with the Smart Mirroring System, which enables screens and information from smart phones to be displayed and controlled on the AVN of vehicles by connecting them together.

Rexton Smart Mirroring System

Ssangyong Motor revealed the Chairman W Summit, a model based on Ssangyong Motor’s flagship model, the Chairman W limousine (the sedan-based BOW Edition also unveiled). It boasts a high-quality interior that lives up to its name “Summit” and world-class convenience, providing an optimum mobile office and resting space for VVIPs.

“The Chairman W Summit is designed to provide more convenience to CEOs than chauffeurs’. It offers upgraded two-man seats in the second row for the VVIP space in order to provide more comfort and independence. It is also equipped with a motor-operated extended three-stage leg rest, a foot rest, head rest, and pillows, which will provide the comfort normally reserved for a first-class flight,” Shin said

The world-class leather seats made by Scotland’s Bridge of Weir (BOW), which feature in the Chairman W Summit – a first for a Korean vehicle - come with a leather quality assurance tag attached. This enhances the overall luxurious image of the car. The leather seats by BOW, which is famous for having the smallest carbon footprint in the manufacture of their products, has been the choice of many airplanes, yachts and luxury car makers for its eco-friendliness, comfort and touch.


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