KES 2013: Exceeding Smart and Into Well-Being! Panasonic
KES 2013: Exceeding Smart and Into Well-Being! Panasonic
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Many people experience a variety of Panasonic products on display

The Panasonic booth is hard to miss as it one of the main attractions at KES 2013. With many beautiful models putting on product demonstrations and a variety of products on display, the Panasonic Booth was flowing with people. Panasonic lived up to its reputation of a famed home appliance corporation with the amount of products on display, and many of the students had just came to experience the cameras, which has become more or less the symbol of Panasonic.

Of the many models Lumix GF6 with its pretty design, caught this reporter’s attention. Lumix GF6 not only has outstanding quality of color but also the focus is easy to maneuver so ordinary people with no camera experience can easily get used to the product. With a tilted LCD, it is easy to take self-pictures and has many aspects that female consumers would enjoy.

Behind the horde of high school students taking test pictures was a massager that many spectators in their 30s to 40s were interested in. Many readers would be unfamiliar with the fact that Panasonic sells massagers, but a spokesperson from Panasonic hinted that surprisingly a variety of products were displayed and some of the unfamiliar products were the ones that were the most popular.

Among them is EP-MA70, a massager with a built in thermal massage ball. The EP-MA70 scans the user’s body type real time and provides an effective and comfortable massage. There are 6 automatic massage courses for the whole body and after a personally experiencing the massager, it did not feel like getting a massage from a machine. The massage felt warm and comfortable, just like getting a massage from a professional massagist.

Besides these products razors and headphones were popular to the young males, and a variety of beauty products targeted towards women consumers were on display. With many attractions and experience spaces, the Panasonic exhibition will be on display until the 10th of October at the 1st exhibition hall of KINTEX.

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