Kotra Global Brand Fastech is Working to Ensure you Maximize Efficiency
Kotra Global Brand Fastech is Working to Ensure you Maximize Efficiency
  • By Yeon Choul-woong (bruceyeon@koreaittimes.com)
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It is evident that in today’s society efficiency is viewed in the highest regard. Companies are going out of their way to ensure that processes are done in the most time managing methods possible, rather than wasting precious resources that would be better off allocated elsewhere.

The automation industry is a perfect example of this desire for efficiency, as it is the use of machines and control systems to optimize productivity in the production of goods as well as the delivery of services. Of course, like any other industry there are a wide variety of companies that offer similar services, and competition can be fierce. However, if optimizing efficiency is a company’s true desire then the products from Fastech Co. are certain to meet their specific needs.

Fastech Co., was first established in 2001 as a manufacturing company focused on developing novel technology in the field of motion control with DSP technology. Since that time Fastech has taken this focus further and also produces goods. This emphasis on continual advancement of technology and product development has led to immense customer satisfaction from their vast client base.

With such immense support geared towards research and development, it is no wonder that Fastech takes such immense pride in the products that they deliver to the market. The main line of products stems from the Ezi series, including the Ezi-Servo, Ezi-Step, Ezi-Linear Step, and Ezi-Actuator series. The Ezi-Servo line provides a closed loop stepping system that is designed to maximize performance while minimizing cost, especially in comparison to the current models of competitors. Ezi-Step offer a high speed, high precision drive as well as a stepping motor integrated into one package, while the other lines are also certain to increase efficiency. Fastech has also developed an array of motor selection tools such as the ball screw, belt pulley, a combination of the two, and the direct drive rotary table.

For more information please visit http://www.fastech.co.kr/

Fastech has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.

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