Another Me in the Multiverse from a Mathematical Point of View
Another Me in the Multiverse from a Mathematical Point of View
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Mathematical calculations suggest that if we travelled the multiverse, we could encounter parallel universes, where people just like us could live or literally everything, from humans to objects, could be exactly the same as our universe’s.

The reason why the aforementioned could be possible is that the number of cases in which the fundamental elements or particles of matter are arranged is not limitless according to the laws of nature. Therefore, although it is true that there is no spatial limit and there are myriads of universes, the sequences of particles cannot help repeating themselves.

Since there is no observational or experimental evidence backing such a theory, debate will continue on. But who knows, the multiuniverse theory could be proven in the next 100 years. In addition, just like math helped us grasp the principles of natural phenomena that we hadn’t been able to observe or experiment on for several hundred years, math has already presumed that there could be other universes. The only sure thing is that once the hypothesis that we are living in the multiuniverse has been proven, this could revolutionize our understanding of the universe.

According to the multiuniverse theory, there is a plethora of universes identical to our universe and there is another world surrounding the universes. There could be an Earth twin out there where S. Korea and your doppelgangers could exist. Maybe your doppelgangers are reading this story right now, thinking what you are thinking now.

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