There is Antimatter Vis-à-vis Matter
There is Antimatter Vis-à-vis Matter
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What is existence

Is there such thing as existence From whose perspective can we say that something exists Who will be the observer For the sake of convenience, suppose that we are the observers living in this Galaxy. Then, we can answer the above questions one by one. All the objects exist from our perspective. There exists antiexistence vis-à-vis existence. When existence meets antiexistence, the annihilation of a existence-antiexistence pair takes place, discharging strong energy.

The, the reverse is also explainable. An existence-antiextence pair is created accidentally somewhere in space where nothing has existed. This is the birth of the universe. Such a birth leads to spatial expansion in the form of waves. The creation of existence-antiextence pairs could occur on a small or large scale. The birth of an existence-antiextence pair on a large scale is what the Big Bang theory is based on.

What is the existence that we’ve known so far It may sound somewhat philosophical. The universe is filled with things that exist, things that do not exist and things that are antiexistent. There are matter and antimatter in the universe. British theoretical physicist Paul Dirac postulated that the universe has a vacuum filled with matter, antimatter, particles and antiparticles. Though matter and antimatter did pervade the vacuum in the universe, observing and measuring antimatter was not possible from the physical world, according to Paul Dirac.

, Modern science has already proved that antimatter actually exists. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which has discovered the Higgs Boson, had become the first to capture anti-hydrogen atoms in 2010, albeit for 0.172 seconds.

As antimatter and matter are positioned symmetrically, the release of energy, i.e. combustion, is known to occur when the annihilation a matter-antimatter pair occurs. In other words, their thermal efficiency is 100%.

We are living in an era when antimatter can be produced. With the help of ultra-strong laser beams and particle accelerators, we can separate matter from antimatter in a vacuum. Antimatter is an enormously high-efficient energy source to us who are living in the physical world. Making good use of magnetic fields allows us to make engines that can fly planes at or near light speed. The combination of antimatter fuel and time-space distortion could enable us to travel faster than light. Antimatter is a fledgling energy technology. This is something that deserves to be called a creation.

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