Creation of New Value (Jobs) through Creative Ideas
Creation of New Value (Jobs) through Creative Ideas
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The government’s creative economy initiative from a scientific point of view

Newtonian kinetic energy

E: rest energy

M: mass

V: velocity

Knowledge economy of the past

E: economy

J: job

I: idea

Creative ideas take center stage in the creative economy initiative, aimed to create new value, i.e. good jobs, by using the public’s imagination, creativity and creative ideas.

Albert Einstein's famous equation

E : rest energy

M: mass

C : the speed of light

New creative economy

E: creative economy

J: job

I: creative idea

The value of the public’s creative ideas is in inverse proportion to various regulations, administrative disconnections, Mafia-like bureaucrats, bureaucracy, collective selfishness, etc.

I: current

V: voltage

R: resistance

National power gets stronger when its creative people armed with creative ideas unite.

F: force                                                         F: National force

M: mass                                                        I: creative idea

A: acceleration                                              P: creative people

National power (force) is proportional to national policy and strategies and the united force of creative people and is in inverse proportion to the square of the mental distance between the government and the public and between people.

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