Stellar Standing on the Edge, Why Stay with Sexy Concept?
Stellar Standing on the Edge, Why Stay with Sexy Concept?
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K-pop girl group Stellar is back with ‘never-seen-before’ sexy concept. This is their second time to try sexy concept since ‘Marionette’ released in February, 2014. Even the teaser of their new music video is causing controversy with its sexually suggestive content creating more buzz than ever.

The music video has already received 19 and over rating and three major broadcasting company asked them to entirely revise their choreography and outfits. So, why did Stellar decide to take the tough road

In fact, this is Stellar’s first comeback in four months since they released a single ‘Fool’. However, not very many people remember this track. People still remember the girl group with their image for ‘Marionette’.

Back in 2011, Stellar debuted with ‘Rocket Girl’ with adorable and cyborg-like image. Despite the full support of same agency celeb ‘Shinhwa’ Eric, the girl group experience a huge failure. They took another leap forward with member change, but it did not turn out well.

‘Marionette’ released in February was a ray of hope for Stellar. Their revealing outfits and sexy dance were unprecedented causing raised awareness of the team.

What’s interesting is that the public do not remember ‘modest’ image of Stellar. Although the group has released two songs with different colors, the public still remember Stellar as a ‘cheap girl group’ who chose revealing outfits in order to draw people’s attention.

Stellar is fully aware of this fact. The group held a showcase at Rolling Hall located in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 20th to commemorate the release of their 6th single ‘Vibrato’. They said, “As people showed interests in our songs through ‘Marionette’, I wish people listen to our previous songs by listening to the song ‘Vibrato’. The song has our sincerity”.

The following is a series of questions and answers addressed to Stellar under the theme of ‘sexy’.

Q. What was your main focus while working on the album
Hyo Eun: Choreography and facial expression. A lot of our choreography involve waist and pelvic movement. Some worry about possible injury, but we are fine since we are in good health and work out consistently.

Q. Don’t you feel burdened by your revealing outfits
Min Hee: People all give us a dirty look because of all the skin exposure. We are concerned but at the same time, we are thankful that we are getting so much attention.
Ga Young: I think being sexy for a woman is a compliment. We are trying our best to confidently digest the sexy concept that we are given.

Q. You said you want to show off your own colors, is that ‘sexy’
Ga Young: We are trying out what others haven’t tried so it may seem too much in the eyes of the viewer. But I think it’s okay as long as we are confident in what we are doing.

Q. What efforts did you put in digest the sexy concept
Jun Yool: We’ve put in a lot of effort in keeping our shape especially since it’s summer. Because ‘Marionette’ was more of a dark sexy, we researched a lot so that we can give it a more of a brighter feel to it.

Q. Who is the sexiest in the group
Ga Young: Our youngest, Jun Yool, is born to be sexy. She finally found the concept that suits her.
Jun Yool: It was really difficult to act cute while looking at my face in the mirror. I’m comfortable now since I’ve been told that I’m sexy since elementary school.

Q. Seems like there are a lot of props that symbolize sex in the music video…
Jun Yool: Since the lyrics state that I’m “opening my heart” towards the other person, we tried to represent the opening of the heart.
Ga Young: It seems more like a pervert test. Depending on the perspective it can be PG-13 or NC-17. The music video for ‘Fool’ did not show much skin but it still got rated as R. I guess it’s all like that after ‘Marionette’.

Q. If the MV is rated R it’s rather difficult to target the teens isn’t it
Ga Young: If you see our music video, there are a lot of scenes where we are trapped in a square frame. It represents the limit that we face as an idol group but we want to break it. We would like to approach the teen fans and get along with them.

Q. Is the target group adult male
Min Hee: Any girl group would love attention from their male fans. But we would liked to be loved by the female fans by our songs as well.
Ga Young: Actually, there are women who are into sexy girl groups. They love the confidence. So we don’t necessarily want to focus on a certain target group but rather be loved by diverse fan groups.
Min Hee: We imitate the facial expression of Brown Eyed Girls. They are always confident and Cool.

Q. Are you planning on continuing the concept of sexy
Hyo Eun: I know I can digest any concept from cute to sexy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexy but it would be nice if you think of us as a group that can digest sexy concept.
Ga Young: Being a singer, I think we have to show what the audience wants to see. I think we are going to grow as we try to match what they want.

Q. The outfit on the teaser photo is a shocker, what are your thoughts on it
Ga Young: From what I know, the teasers should be able to grab the attention by just a single photo. The result was even more shocking then when I first saw the outfit. Honestly, there are some swimsuits that are stringed on the side. I think our outfits seem more provocative because you can imagine the rest. We are not going to be performing on the stage with that outfit.

Q. What is the goal for Stellar
Ga Young: I want to be on MBC Everyone <Weekly Idol>. It’s been 5 years since our debut but we have not been on it yet. They told us that we have to mature a little more. And they even have 5 groups listed every week. I think it would be possible to be starred on the show with ‘Vibrato’.
Hyo Eun: I would also like to show off our singing skills instead of sexiness.

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