Kim Tae-hee Talks About Controversy Over Her Acting Ability
Kim Tae-hee Talks About Controversy Over Her Acting Ability
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Actress Kim Tae-hee talked about the controversy over her acting ability.

The press conference for upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama <The Gang Doctor> was held at Mokdong SBS on July 30. At this event, Kim Tae-hee, Joo Won, Jo Hyun-jae, Chae Jung-an, Jung Woong-in and Stefani Lee attended.

Kim Tae-hee shared her feelings about her return to the the small screen and said, “In the past, I’ve been overly passionate. This time, I’ll work with a renewed mind, get rid of my habits, and try my best to show improved features of me.”

It’s hard to hear a word of self-reflection from actresses. However, Kim Tae-hee calmly looked back her past times. There’s a reason for this. Kim Tae-hee is a top celebrity in Korea but she is not a top actress.
Despite her glorious days in the past, she was often overshadowed by the less shining days. She has been dogged by constant controversy for her acting ability as an actress.

Kim Tae-hee explained, “Since my debut, I’ve been the lead character in numerous drama without much preparations. It is true that I was caught off guard because I was busy filming the next work.” She continued, “People’s prejudice toward me will be changed when they witness my transformation. I know it will be a tough road.

Thanks to my constant effort, there was me 10 years ago, 6 years ago, and now here I am. I’m not sure how people would evaluate me this time but I’ll see it as a sign of interest. I’ll humbly accept all the feedback and take this opportunity as a stepping stone to improve myself.”

Meanwhile, upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama <The Gang Doctor> center around a quack surgeon Kim Tae-hyun (played by Joo Won) and chaebol family’s daughter Han Yeo-jin (played by Kim Tae-hee) who is in a deep sleep in a hospital. The drama premieres on August 5 at 10 pm.

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