Naver Labs said "Self-driving technology will tear down boundaries between physical and virtual spaces."
Naver Labs said "Self-driving technology will tear down boundaries between physical and virtual spaces."
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Naver Labs CEO Seok Sang-ok

Naver Labs is emphasizing the importance of developing self-driving technology as its future value. 

Naver Labs held a press conference at the Dragon City Hotel in Seoul on June 25 and expressed its ambition to make the present an uncomfortable past through technological innovation.

Naver Labs' plan is to connect all of the city's downtown spaces tightly through intelligent self-driving machines.

"We are developing technologies with a sense of mission that we are keeping a lot of information in South Korea. This is because being deprived of self-driving technology is tantamount to losing so many of our data," said Seok Sang-ok, CEO of Naver Labs.

"We have a technology that allows us to compete in any country in the world." said CEO Seok. "Because Naver Labs has a technology, we were able to collaborate with global businesses such as Qualcomm."

He unveiled the slogan, "Connect Never to Physical World," and said he will expand Naver's services to our daily lives.

"Although Naver's service has been centered on PCs and mobile devices, the boundaries between physical and virtual spaces are now being broken by high-performance sensors, AI, robots, and self-driving technologies," he stressed. 

Naver Labs is making it a challenge to develop and secure platforms that are differentiated from core technologies ahead of its global competitors. One of the most representative future technologies introduced by Seok is the future city named "A-CITY." 

A contains the word "autonomus." A-City refers to a space where movable assets and real estate are combined to carry information and services and move on their own.

"Many types of machines move themselves around different spaces in the city, creating new ways of connecting," said Seok. "And AI and robots will collect and analyze data from space to create an automated urban environment for various infrastructure."

Meanwhile, Baek Jong-yoon, the leader of self-driving group, said Naver Labs is working on mapping out high-precision maps around Magok, Sangam, Yeouido and Gangnam areas.

"We are developing self-driving technology differently than car manufacturers," Paik said. "Since we are not car manufacturers, we do not have a goal to mass-produce self-driving cars. The goal is to have various companies that use our technology."

By the end of this year, Naver Labs plans to develop a localization technology that allows self-driving machines to estimate their location in real time in road environments with precision within 10 centimeters of error.

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