ULikeKorea collects world's largest big data (500 million) in cattle disease management
ULikeKorea collects world's largest big data (500 million) in cattle disease management
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.07.09 16:35
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CEO Kim Hee-jin of ULikeKorea (center, front line) and employees pose for the camera, commemorating its collection of the world's largest big data in cattle disease mangement (Courtesy of ULikeKorea).


ULikeKorea Inc. announced on July 9 that it has surpassed 500 million data points for cattle disease big data including data on foot-and-mouth disease, ketosis, and mastitis. UlikeKorea entered the market in 2012 and launched Livecare in 2015.  

CEO Kim Hee-jin of ULikeKorea said, "We have exceeded 500 million big data points in cattle disease management data such as foot-and-mouth disease through Livecare, a smart animal bio-capsule developed by our company for the first time in Korea. 

UlikeKorea is the only company that has this type of livestock bio-metric data globally. Based on our solution, AI monitors the animals for 24 hours. In the case of bio-capsules equipped with GPS function, it is also possible to trace the movement the cows in real time. " 

'LiveCare' measures the core body temperature and activity of livestock by oral administration of bio-capsules containing IoT (Internet of Things) technology to cattle (dairy and breeding cattle), that collects individual cattle’s bio-metric data. It truly is a representative smart agritech ICT product.

The 'Live Care Bio Capsule' is the first in Korea to be certified as an animal medical device for oral use and has been approved for safety and efficacy. Foot-and-mouth disease ▲ diarrhea ▲ fever ▲ sepsis ▲ ketosis ● mastitis ▲ epidemic ▲ Japanese encephalitis ▲ pneumonia are some of the diseases that can be identified. Prevention and early treatment of various diseases are possible and can be predicted with accuracy level of 98%.

In addition, based on the results of the data analyzed by Deep Learning, the AI technology can monitor the health status of the cattle and the user can easily check the result through the mobile apps (APP) and web programs in real time.

CEO Kim further said, "The advanced sensors in the capsule measure and analyze the core body temperature of cattle more than 300 times a day; it is possible to detect about 40 types of diseases for each cattle which can minimize the loss to the farmers by providing them with early warning. In the future, an animal disease platform can be created to prevent cattle losses and predict infectious diseases that can impact the cattle market on a national level.

Ulikekorea has also successfully developed the world’s first bio-capsule for the calves, providing a full span of health monitoring services for the cattle. 

LiveCare, successfully entered the Japanese Wagyu market, will carry out health and disease management from calf to adult cattle. Livecare can also be used as a registration system and to enhance transparency of the cattle health history. Livecare also entered into a product development agreement with Softbank to enter the Australian market. To further its global footprint, UlikeKorea has also signed an MOU with the Danish government and will soon establish its EU headquarters to access the key 17 European countries.

"It is an age when cattle are raised by artificial intelligence (AI). Real-time analysis of livestock bio-metric information are conveyed to the farmers to facilitate their operations. We have collected 500 million data points to date and this is the world’s first big data of its kind and the largest of its kind. We plan to create a platform system where we can provide farm operation consulting, customized treatment as well as big data center. We have prepared and ready to enter the global market including the US, Brazil, Australia, Japan, US and other key markets,” said CEO Kim.

Big Data is one of the core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution along with AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. Having achieved accumulating over 500 million data points on cattle disease management data, uLikeKorea is on its way to creating a global cattle disease monitoring center to prevent livestock diseases such as the foot-and-mouth disease.


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