Vancouver Richmond Night Market Tour Review
Vancouver Richmond Night Market Tour Review
  • Monica Younsoo Chung/Canada
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[Vancouver-Korea IT Times] What do you remember after the Richmond Night Market tour? This summer, the Richmond Night Market in Vancouver is packed with visitors looking for food and entertainment. There are more than 600 fast-food items from Asia, 120 food stalls, 200 miscellaneous stores, and children's amusement park where giant moving dinosaur sculptures are growling. The repeated cries of dinosaurs on recorded tapes sometimes leave children under the illusion of seeing real dinosaurs.

The night market opened in 2017 by utilizing an unused wide open space about 10-acre around the River Rock Casino Resort building and the Bridge station of Canada Line. It has since been held on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from May to October, during the same period. 

The Richmond Night Market is one of the largest street vendors with food and miscellaneous stores in North America. The actor Seth Rogen who hails from Canada says in a promotional video posted by TransLink that he often goes to the Richmond Night Market by the Canada line and that it's incredibly difficult to park a car there. The weekend nights at Richmond Night Market has become busier since TransLink aired the advertisement. It is like a human ant colony with thousands of visitors a day.

If hungry people don't care about healthy eating, there are numerous different fast foods to make visitor's mouths water, from greasy and fatty foods like pizza, ice cream, and fried foods without fresh fruits and vegetables. It was luring people by smoke from cooking and the smell of foods such as roasted pork, fried chicken and squid iron plate roasted dishes. Even on a sunny day, Richmond's sky in the weekend is a little dark, as the food corners simultaneously spew smoke. Food prices are somewhat higher than general market prices. 

The Admission fee is $4.75 and free for children under 8 or seniors over 60. Visitors who are entering between from 7- 8 p.m. must line up an endless line of people along the vacant a lot of behind the night market. When you enter the entrance, there is a performance stage on your right. The Amateurs' singing ineptly on stage is rather fun. Sometimes, when a fast-tempo melody flows out, people are rocking and walking all over, but the seats in front of the stage have very few audience members.

Variety store booths are displayed along both aisles in front of the stage. Visitors stay long in front of some booths such as Korean Rainbow Calligraphy, socks, accessories and stationery shops. Especially, it is impressive to see people waiting in line to order Rainbow Calligraphy. That is a style of painting developed by letter art as Korean folk art. It is a beautiful, often whimsical, writing style for name artwork.

After nine o'clock, I remember the dirty toilet been disgusted. There was a lot of trash under the toilet seat and toilet paper was not on the wall hanger. The water in the washbasin does not come out well and the machine for drying hands was broken. In addition, there are too few women's toilets compared to tourists who enter. Sometimes, the line of people waiting from the entrance to the bathroom is about 30m.

That's what they say that the prestige of a nation's cultural progress can be judged by its toilet culture. I felt that Richmond Night Market dirty toilet culture was out of step with Vancouver's cultural image. This is a special tourist zone symbolizing Vancouver, where many people get out of their boring routines and enjoy a night.

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