Merck to showcase broad portfolio of display solutions at IMID
Merck to showcase broad portfolio of display solutions at IMID
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Broad material technology for vacuum deposition and printing processes for OLED devices

Material technology for quantum dot pixel color converter devices

New applications beyond displays, including lighting, mirrors, architectural smart glass, and smart antennas

Introducing i350, a privacy liquid crystal window specifically designed for indoor interiors with architectural smart glass
Damien Tuleu (Global Head of Sales, Display Solutions, Performance Materials, Merck) and Glenn Young (Managing & Representative Director of Merck Korea) at Merck Booth at IMID 2019 / Image = Merck Korea


“Accelerating Display”

Merck Korea will showcase its broad portfolio of display solutions at the International Meeting on Information Displays (IMID) 2019 to be held COEX in Seoul in October under the slogan “Accelerating Display”. The portfolio enables the displays, automotive and lighting applications of today and drives the future of the display with its high-performance liquid crystals, materials for OLED, quantum dot pixel color converter materials, photoresists, reactive mesogens, silazanes and siloxanes, a robust LED portfolio to enhance not only backlighting for displays, but also Automotive and Architecture industry. 

"Accelerating Display" is a willingness to develop Merck's material solutions for display innovation. Merck embodies the future of fast-developing displays with our customers and, more than any other company, continues to provide disruptive innovation and material solutions for our customers in this area. In addition, Merck has always helped our customers with advanced solutions that are more reliable than any other company. Part of this will be shown in this exhibition. 

Glenn Young, Managing Director of Merck Korea, will introduce new tech trends in the semiconductor industry during ‘Korea-German Seminar on Technology Cooperation in Materials, Components and Equipment’ co-organized by Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and AHK Korea on Oct. 8. In addition, Dr. Jun-Ho Kim will deliver a lecture on Merck’s OLED solutions during IMID 2019 Business Forum on Oct. 11. Dr. Kim was received the Industrial Development Merit Award at the 10th Display Day held on Oct. 7 in recognition of his contribution to the domestic industry through the development of long-life hole transport layer and host materials with Korean panel makers for OLED TV. 

Soluble OLED Blue /  Image = Merck Korea


OLED materials from Merck continue to gain importance within the display industry by enabling brilliant colors, sharper images from any viewing angle, high contrasts and perfect black states for high-end televisions and smartphones. In addition, their thin, flexible and very energy-efficient properties are enabling unique display applications. As a diffuse light source, these OLED materials are also revolutionizing the design of automotive lighting building lighting and mirror displays.

Merck’s OLED lighting applied to a mirror display can be accessed at the IMID exhibition.

In the future, OLED technology could transform ceilings or walls in buildings into information panels. To enable such future applications, Merck is developing highly efficient OLED materials under the livilux® brand name for vacuum evaporation methods or printing processes.

Further investments in OLED from Merck include doubling their application lab capacity in Korea in 2017. With this scaling-up, Merck has the world’s largest number of researchers in Korea outside Germany, who are responsible for the application technology of OLED solutions and the research of original materials. In line with this, it has a complete organization of sales and marketing to serve individual customers.

Merck's OLED lab in Korea formulates an optimal soluble OLED ink to meet the needs of Korean customers and is developing it as one of the technologies that enables efficient printing process suitable for large areas.

Soluble OLED Blue / Image = Merck Korea


QD-Pixel Color Converter materials

Our quantum materials are nano-sized semiconductor crystals that absorb incoming light of short wavelengths (usually deep blue) and emit colors (green and red) at longer wavelengths with very narrow bandwidths.

The materials can be used in the backlight units of LC displays to increase light throughput, extend the color range, and provide stronger, more natural greens and reds.

By using our highly energy-efficient quantum materials, displays consume far less power at the same brightness level, thereby extending battery life in mobile devices.

More recently, a new collaboration is being explored through a study of an QD-Photoresists, QD Ink and Bank Photoresists that combines quantum dot and Pixel Color Converter for applications in the wider color gamut display.

eyrise™ s350, i350

We're constantly working on new solutions to meet architects' functional and aesthetic demands. Liquid crystal windows transform spaces, adding solar control and privacy. Building-integrated photovoltaics harness the power of the sun. Merck will show eyrise™ s350 and i350.

eyrise™ s350

Buildings with generous amounts of glass have issues of energy loss, heat gain and cooling cost. licrivision® for solar control enhances façade performance towards energy efficiency and sustainability. It precisely protects against sun glare and heat with reduced maintenance costs. These LC for windows can be tailor-made for your specific applications. Their high-quality design provides an unparalleled comfort of use thanks to its immediate flexible adjustability, and color neutrality. With the flick of a switch, the transmission of the window will change from bright to dark while maintaining a crystal-clear view.

eyrise™ i350

Private or clear? The choice is yours! LC for windows gives you the option to instantly switch your glazing from transparent to opaque for confidentiality and vice versa. Benefit from transparency in all directions, even when taking an angular look at your window. licrivision® for privacy control can be designed for interior as well as for exterior applications.

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