Travelex opens 10th currency exchange store in Kansai Airport
Travelex opens 10th currency exchange store in Kansai Airport
  • Roberta Chan
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OSAKA, Japan, Oct. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Travelex, a world leading foreign exchange provider, today announced the opening of a new currency exchange store at Kansai International Airport (IATA Code: KIX). There are now 10 Travelex currency exchange stores within Kansai International Airport.

Travelex Kansai Airport Store
Travelex Kansai Airport Store

Through the Travelex global network, Travelex Japan is also redefining its currency exchange service at the airport, by hosting Mandarin and Cantonese speaking staff from Travelex Greater China at the stores to assist inbound travellers with their currency exchange needs in their local language.

This is part of Travelex's commitment to putting "Diversity and Inclusion" within its core business principles. This is not only to encourage inclusive culture within the organisation, but also to give our multinational customers the best Omotenashi service to support their valuable experience in Japan.

Asia Pacific Commercial Director at Travelex, Cameron Hume said: "Travelex is very excited to be opening our 10th store at Kansai. This brings our total store number in Japan to 90 locations and the timing coincides perfectly with the boom in inbound tourism to Japan for the Rugby World Cup and the October 1st Golden Week celebrations across Asia. To continue to better serve our valued customers at Kansai, we have designated Mandarin and Cantonese speaking customer sales ambassadors from our Greater China business to enable customers to discuss their currency needs and learn more about travelling in Japan, all in their local language. By leveraging our unique global presence in this way, we hope customers will feel more comfortable and can start exploring Japan with great travel tips and peace-of-mind knowing their currency needs are in hand."

Trading Director and Managing Director, Jun Otani, Travelex Japan said: "First of all, I would like to express our gratitude to Kansai International Airport for their consistent and kind support. We are very honored to be able to host customers at the most locations in both of the departure and arrival floor. One of our strength as a global FX service provider is the capability to serve all of the customers appropriately with Travelex global best practices. We hope that the blend of Japanese fundamental spirit 'Omotenashi' and our best practices will give the customers the freedom and peace of mind to explore the world their way."

Omotenashi Staff
Omotenashi Staff

About Travelex

Headquartered in London, Travelex has a 140-year heritage in foreign currency, pioneering the travellers' cheques of the past and the digital payments of the future. With a presence in over 70 countries, and over 1,200 stores at both on-airport and off-airport locations around the world, Travelex has distilled its expertise and experience into a platform that reinvents physical and digital cross-border money movement globally to ensure its clients remain one step ahead of the competition. The platform provides financial institutions with a trusted, efficient and accurate international money transfer service, plus secure and reliable banknote delivery of both major and exotic currencies.

A market leading independent foreign exchange specialist, the business covers the entire value chain of the retail foreign exchange industry. Travelex Group is also active in the remittances and payments space enabling physical and digital cross-border money movement for consumers and financial institutions.

Travelex is part of Finablr, a global platform for Payments and Foreign Exchange solutions. With deep regulatory know-how, technology expertise and industry leading partnerships, Finablr companies provide a broad array of tailored and trusted financial solutions for consumers and businesses. With a global reach spanning 170+ countries, Finablr companies processed over 150 million transactions in 2018, managing nearly USD 115 billion for customers

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