Heficed Offers Free Network Resources during COVID-19
Heficed Offers Free Network Resources during COVID-19
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Photo credit: Unsplash
Photo credit: Unsplash


Heficed is offering everyone, involved in the development and research of solutions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, to use their services for free.  Heficed announced on March 30 that full-suite internet infrastructure provider, is offering companies, which are standing in the front lines fighting to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, yet lacking network infrastructure resources, to use their services free of charge. Heficed can provide organizations in need with servers for data storage and processing, secure cloud hosting to protect mission-critical data and a fast and reliable internet connection that would help maintain operational stability.

The pandemic is yet to be contained, however, COVID-19 already made significant damage to the state of the global economy. Consequently, it has put an incredible strain on the network due to the increased amount of people, pushed into lockdown, thus moving their work and leisure to the digital space.

The newly put pressure on the internet is affecting both – consumers and businesses, meaning that companies, which are actively participating in the research and development of possible solutions that would help to stop the pandemic, also fall victim to the current state of affairs. Reacting to the situation at hand, Heficed released a statement across their social media channels, stating that “all organizations that are racing against time to stop COVID-19 virus” are welcome to use the company’s network resources.

China has a $250 billion market in computer manufacturing and hosts some of the largest network suppliers in the world. However, its economy took a severe hit with the first wave of the virus, which had a significant impact on the server supply chain, limiting the number of available resources.

Most of the companies did not prepare for such an event with an additional stock-up, and are now dealing with the consequences; some of the operations had to be put on hold due to the increased usage of the network and lack of resources to alleviate the strain. Heficed plans its stock at least for a few months in advance: a decision, which now enables the company to provide efficient service despite the current situation in the market.

A bare-metal server could alleviate the problem of overcrowdedness and increase the organization’s production capabilities, as it hosts only a single-tenant. Paired with cloud hosting, it enables to maintain the company’s business agility, even during this time of uncertainty. By providing a stable and secure connection, Heficed aims to enable organizations, working overtime researching solutions concerning the pandemic, to handle even the most critical operations with ease.

Heficed encourages organizations to contact them via hello@heficed.com along with a short introduction about the project they are currently working on and details on the required resources. Heficed believes that joining forces with the organizations standing in the front lines of this crisis will accelerate the development of solutions that will help combat the pandemic.

Headquartered in London, Heficed provides full-range services for IP lease, monetization, and management services. Heficed serves around 60 multi-billion industries starting from hosting to automotive or healthcare. With the millions of IP addresses and 12 years of industry experience and the operations globally Heficed can meet any demand needs. That includes automated provisioning bare-metal solutions and cloud services in 8 locations around the world. 

This news was contributed by Hefeited.  

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