LG Uplus applies new cryptographic tech to NW equipment for the first time
LG Uplus applies new cryptographic tech to NW equipment for the first time
  • Jung So-yeon
  • 승인 2020.06.11 11:19
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Introduces the world's first Post Quantum Cryptography technology, offering customer-only network services
LG U+ engineer is holding modules that are applied with quantum resistant encryption technology at Magok office. / Courtesy of LG U+

LG U+ made an announcement on June 10 that it has developed Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) technology with Seoul National University's Industrial Mathematics Center and Crypto Lab and applied it to customer-only network services.

In the era of quantum computers, it is essential to secure new security technologies as existing cryptosystems can be vulnerable. Typical security-enhancing technologies include quantum cryptography communication technology, which is widely known in Korea, and also PQC, a new technology that has recently emerged in the area of cryptographic security.

Quantum cryptographic communication technology is a technology that exchanges cryptographic keys through quantum physical characteristics and can provide certain security in the cryptographic key exchange area, but a separate quantum key distribution system and stable quantum key distribution channel are essential.

PQC technology uses mathematical algorithms that take billions of years to solve even with quantum computers to provide security services for key elements of security such as cryptographic key exchange, data encryption, and integrity certification.

In addition, it can be implemented only with SW without additional equipment, so it can provide end-to-end security in all areas of wired and wireless networks by flexibly applying mobile phones to small IoT devices.

PQC technology is currently being standardized with global companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft under the leadership of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and continuous research and development is being carried out through the security technology ecosystem such as OPEN QUANTUM SAFE project, which is a combination of leading IT industries and security research institutes, drawing attention as a more complete security technology.

LG U+ has been working with Seoul National University's Industrial Mathematics Center and Crypto Lab to develop cryptographic technologies that cannot be penetrated even by quantum computers after signing a 'working agreement in the field of wired and wireless quantum-resistant encryption' in December last year. This application is the world's first case of applying PQC to customer-only network equipment.

In particular, the PQC technology developed by Seoul National University and Crypto Lab is more meaningful in that it was developed through industry-academic cooperation and is expected to contribute to the localization of next-generation standard codes.

"It is meaningful that we have created a case where we can apply end-to-end security without establishing a separate infrastructure before standardizing PQC that will be carried out next year," said Park Song-cheol, executive director of LG U+'s NEW Technology Operation Group.

"It is very meaningful in that PQC, which is widely seen as a cryptographic technology in the post-Quantum era, has been applied to telecommunication equipment for the first time in the world," said Chun Jung-hee, head of the Industrial Mathematics Center at Seoul National University.

"We will replace codes, certifications, and signatures used in the information and communication field with PQC through follow-up research and cooperate closely with the industry so that Korea can lead the commercialization," he added.

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