LG Display to Develop Stretchable Display
LG Display to Develop Stretchable Display
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Stretchable displays can be used in various industries such as multi-foldable, wearable, automotive, and aviation.
LG Display 18-inch Flexible OLED Panel / Courtesy of LG Display

LG Display (CEO Chung Ho-young) announced on June 11 that it will develop a stretch display which is often referred to as the end point of flexible display technology in the industry.

LG Display has been selected as the company in charge of the Stretchable Display Project, a national development project pushed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

The national project to develop stretchable displays is one of the major tasks that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has been pushing since 2019.

The project is a large government-led research and development project aimed at developing next-generation display core technologies that will serve as future growth engines for the nation's display industry.

There are still three types of flexible displays in the market: bendable, foldable, and rollable. These displays can be deformed only at certain areas or in certain directions, so there are limited areas that can be used.

Stretchable display, which started development this time, is a flexible display that increases and decreases like a rubber band.

It is often referred to as the end point of flexible display technology because it can realize "Free-Form" that allows various variations without screen distortion, and is considered the most suitable next-generation display in the era of IoT, 5G, and self-driving cars.


LG 18 inch Flexible OLED / Courtesy of LG Display

The national project to develop stretchable displays will be carried out in two stages: developing core source technologies and developing technologies for commercialization. By 2024, LG Display is planning to develop a stretchable display product with a 20% elongation rate.

When this product becomes a reality, it will be used for 'multipoldable smart devices' that can be folded and unfolded freely like paper. It is also expected to have an infinite range of applications and market potential as it is used for "wearable devices" that have no restrictions on movement and excellent wearability, and "display for automobiles and aviation" that can overcome design constraints due to curved surfaces.

In particular, besides the purpose of developing core technologies, obtaining patents, creating and preempting high value-added new markets, this development of stretchable displays also means that a total of 21 institutions, including large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, medium-sized companies, universities, and research institutes, will collaborate to develop materials, parts, and equipment together to establish a national ecological environment for future display technologies.

"We have started developing a new form factor, Stretchable Display, to create a new high value-added market," said Yoon Soo-young, director of LG Display Research Institute. "With this new technology, we will show LG Display's future technology and provide a foothold for the Korean display industry to continue to lead the global market."


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