Volvo Introduces Premium Hatchbacks at the Seoul Motor Show
Volvo Introduces Premium Hatchbacks at the Seoul Motor Show
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SEOUL, KOREA - The Scandinavian automaker, Volvo, is introducing its line-up for Korea Market at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show.  This year, Volvo has added two new models, the all-new V40 and V60 D5 R-Design, both of which are premium hatchbacks aimed at satisfying dynamic lifestyles of their drivers.

The All-New Volvo V40

Volvo V40 is a next-generation premium 5-door hatchback leading Volvo’s new leap forward, developed under the new brand concept,’Designed Around You.’

Volvo V40 presents a unique silhouette by the match between modern and sensuous design and precision styling. The fluidic side bodylines and low, strong front presents dignified appearance of a premium hatchback.

The all-new premium 5-door hatch back, V40, has more safety features than even its Volvo brothers. The long list of latest safety systems available with V40, together with the 2012 Euro NCAP Collision Test score that was the highest in the test’s history, is a good enough proof for the automobile experts to recommend V40 as the most intelligent and safest automobile in its segment.

Volvo V40

The New Brand Concept of Volvo  Designed Around You

The all-new V40 allows its drivers to feel the pleasure of driving with every inch of their body with its 2.0 diesel engine (D4) and 2.0 gasoline engine (T5). The superb acceleration and cornering, and meticulous attention to the eco-friendliness provides the drivers of V40 with a perfect driving experience.

Premium Estate, V60 D5 R-Design

V60 R-Design is a re-creation of V60 with the theme of dynamic performance in both its looks and performances, continuing the V60 tradition of spacious and versatile cabin space for leisure activities. Only this time, Volvo intended to broaden the V60 appeal to the younger drivers by emphasizing the sportiness.

The essence of V60 R design is at maintaining its style while providing ample storage space. The double-wave shoulder line flowing all the way from the front to rear lamps add an impression of an agile coupe to the estate model perceived to be somewhat stiff.

Volvo V60

The in-line 5 twin-turbo diesel engine with the displacement of 2.4 liters powers the V60, making the sports estate respond quickly and decisively even to the drivers’softest intentions. The powerful engine will demonstrate its unrivaled force at any circumstances, by generating the maximum torque of 44.9kg·m at only 1,500rpm.

Volvo V60 comes with the City Safety system as the standard feature, and it is full of other safety-oriented features, such as Queue Assist that automatically controls the speed of V60 to maintain a constant distance between a car ahead of you when you are running at or slower than 30km/h. With other numerous features, such as Active High-Beam, Road Sign Information System, 2-Stage Booster Seat, Curtain Airbags, laminated windows, Active Bending Lights, Whiplash Protection System and Side Impact Protection System, V60 is practically an aggregate of top-notch amenities and safety features contemporarily available in the world of automobiles.

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