MSD Korea executive embroiled in controversy over sexual harassment
MSD Korea executive embroiled in controversy over sexual harassment
  • Lee Jun-sung
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A foreign executive of MSD Korea (CEO Avi BenShoshan) reportedly overused his power and committed sexual harassment against employees.

According to multiple media outlets, including Korea Biomedical Review "Youth Doctors," on May 14, the foreign executive director of Korea MSD is suspected of drinking too much and sexually harassing employees during a two-day workshop in February last year.

"The foreign director said he liked baseball at a workshop held at a beer restaurant and threw snacks at employees several times to eat," said an informant who attended the workshop.

"While seeing the scene, another Korean executive persuaded the foreign director to enter the residence, so the dinner could end," the informant.

However, the foreign director's drunkenness did not stop there. According to the informant, the foreign director, who arrived at the hotel, forced a female employee to come into his room several times in front of his room. There are not a few employees who have seen this scene.

"At that time, there was another male employee, and the foreign director suggested several times that only female employee should come into the room," the informant said.

"I saw the foreign director telling a female employee to come in in front of his room. I remember she had to go in and out of the room to end the situation," said another tipster.

The informants also reported the director's acts of indecency to the human resources department at the scene, but they said there were no actions or sanctions.

There was also a case of serious power trip by a foreign executive at MSD Korea last year. G, a native of Indian descent, caused outrage among employees by tearing up train tickets and throwing them in the face of an employee for buying tickets to Yongsan Station, not Seoul Station.

In response, a MSD Korea official said, "We have been briefed by the personnel team and are trying to find out the exact facts. We are cautious because the facts have not been clarified. There are other parts of the tip about the facts."

Meanwhile, MSD Korea was established in 1994 as the Korean unit of global healthcare firm Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

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